The Canadian government frowns upon online bingo gaming. In fact,  they have restricted access to online housie or bingo games. However, due to the popularity of this game, those that live in Canada find ways and means to play on sites which are not hosted by Canadians. These websites accept players from all over including Canada. In fact, websites like lists Best Canadian bingo sites.

When one needs to play online bingo one needs to check if the Canadian dollar is accepted as the base currency. One needs to evaluate the different options for withdrawals as well as for payments and which sites offer bonuses as well as what are the other offers that are available to the users. informs first time users that they should check if the website is legal and proper. This they can do with the Gambling Commission or such licensing bodies. They also need to see how the site is rated by other users. This can be evaluated by checking various forums as well as chats.


For Canadian users it is necessary to see what is the base currency being used? Else the user will end up spending a lot of money on conversion charges.

No deposit sites

If a user is still unsure they should try their hand at websites which allow no deposit bingo games. That way, the user will understand how this online game works, whether they like this way of playing or not and all this can be tested without losing any money.

Chat Support should be taken

In the middle of the game, sometimes the user faces some problems. In such situations it is necessary for them to either chat or contact customer support. Therefore, sites which have chat options and good informative customer support should be preferred to other sites. There are sites which also provide their users with a round the clock, seven days a week customer support team.

Canadian bingo lovers need not hold back anymore

For those who are in Canada, it is not necessary to stay away from the game. All one needs to do is to exercise caution and do a lot of research before they start online bingo playing. If one does proper research, one will find that there are several sites which are genuine, fun to play on, easy to use, have great support and have even received amazing reviews by their customers.

John Collins lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has been playing for several years.